Welcome to learn about Growhold’s new features and improvements!

Our goal is to make the delivery of new features as transparent as possible so that our users can learn about upcoming features and check the progress. We develop with continuous delivery approach, meaning that as soon as a feature is fully tested and reviewed, it gets released to the production with no delay. From planning perspective a monthly release schedule provides the frame within which these continuous deliveries take place.

All upcoming and recently delivered features can be found from our moderated backlog. Scheduled features can be found from release pages according to release schedule.

Delivery progress is managed with the following Jira issue statuses:

  • Planning Contains new ideas that are likely implemented but needs still further planning.

  • To-do Is waiting for development to begin. These features will be implemented as scheduled.

  • In progress Means that we have started the development, testing and review processes for this item.

  • Done These features can be found from the Growhold production environment and are available for users.

  • Obsolete Will not be implemented as feature is no longer needed or is replaced with other concepts.

Suggest a new feature or improvement

Please send an email to or sign up for our Support Desk portal if you have an idea for a new feature or improvement.

Release schedule for upcoming features

Release name

Last features deployed to production

Release name

Last features deployed to production

September '20

21st of September

October '20

19th of October

November '20

16th of November

December '20

14th of December